Luxury Poly Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Sets

The Plain Dyed Bedding is a new collection in AAF Textile range with a 180 thread count, the percale weave of this fabric with the  long staple yarn of Egyptian Cotton fibre give this simple bed linen a soft, smooth hand feel and a fresh  finish. Percale is a fine weave with a minimum of 180 threads per square inch, resulting in a softer, finer and more luxurious fabric.These Finest Egyptian Poly Cotton Percale duvet covers will make you extra comfort .These Poly Cotton Percale duvet cover is plain dyed in 8 colors and our colors are very bright to make you feel fresh.The duvet covers are packed  individually in a excellent form.Our Percale duvet covers are Easy care and will definitely provide you comfort and luxury.

AAF Textile  very Soft Poly cotton Dyed duvet covers are made from a blend of polyester and Egyptian cotton woven into a fine percale quality. With a 180 thread count, Our Poly Cotton Percale Duvet covers offer a  quality that is smooth, comfortable and highly durable for your daily use.

Our AAF Textile  Poly Cotton Percale Duvet covers need minimum  ironing due to their easy-care finish.

  • 50/50 Poly/Cotton
  • 180 thread count
  • Plain  
  • Machine Wash 40°C
  • Single Size 137 cm x 198 cm, Duvet Cover +1 Pillow 46 cm x 74 cm + 13 cm Flap
  • Double Size 198 cm x 198 cm, Duvet Cover +2 Pillow 46 cm x 74 cm + 13 cm Flap
  • King Size 229 cm x 218 cm, Duvet Cover +2 Pillow 46 cm x 74 cm + 13 cm Flap

Quilted pillow protectors

The significance of the protectors for the bedding can never be ignored. It is very important to use these protectors for the safety and the security of the bedding items. Quilted pillow protectors are produced from soft polyester fabric that protects you from allergens and dust. It will give you the additional comfort and acts as a barrier against dust and allergens. Some people has headache problem and they did not pay attention to their pillow. Your pillow should be soft and anti allergic.

Quilted pillow protectors are made of special kind of fabric that will keep you healthy and hygienic. It is made of cotton and polyester fabric, makes it soft and comfortable. The top layer of quilted pillow protector is design for keeping away from dust particles. It will keep you relax and cool. You feel safer and comforter after using this product.

It will also keep your pillow water and stain resistant because of its top layer. Your pillow will protect from waterfall and stains. The fabric that is use in this material is easy to wash and dry. Along with its protection, it will extend the life of your pillow as well. It has zip openings and easy to fill. You can easily put on it on your pillow. It is washable in machine for easy care. You will be free for many years due to its durability.

The quality of the fabric is very important in this regard. It gives the long life to the pillow as well as the cover of the pillow. The pillow is very important item in the bedding because it is the source that can give you comfortable sleep if it is appropriate. On the other hand an uncomfortable pillow can ruin your help due to the bad sleep. You cannot be able to be convenient with that type of hard material. Some people feel difficulty in their rest if they have any change or due to the uncomfortable pillow. The Quilted pillow protectors help you to get rid of these types of stress and make it extremely comfortable for you. The fundamental thing which is used to gain popularity among the clients is to maintain the quality. These products are crafted with the material that is of great kind. All these items are extremely durable and never fade out some uses. These are dynamically efficient show the best result.

Waterproof Duvet Protector

Life is the gift of God and it needs security and your little help can make someone happy and alive in this world. Complete rest and the peaceful sleep gives you comfort for the next day. Protect your mattress with this waterproof duvet protector. It is an ideal waterproof duvet protector for your duvets and quilts. It has the quality of water resistant and never wet your duvet. If you are looking for the best quality duvet protector, use waterproof duvet protector. It is the best way to keep your quilts and duvets clean and hygienic. The function of protector is very important to enhance the life of the mattresses because these are designed to provide the special security from the damages. The layer of protective material makes it more fabulous in order to efficiency. There is no doubt in the efficiency of these protectors because these are designed with solid material.

It is texture from cotton, or terry fabric. A high quality quilt cover protects you against bacteria and germs. Waterproof duvet protector not only protects your duvet from childbed wetting, but also keeps you healthy. It is made of such kind of fabric that is breathable and comfortable as well. It will keep your duvet stain free, can easily use for years.

This waterproof duvet protector highly demanded in the world due to its durability. It is tightly fitted to your duvet owing to its vast range of sizes. It encased your duvet into button lock waterproof duvet protector. It is in single, double and king size duvets. You can easily wash it in machine and cool tumble dry. This unique waterproof duvet protector protects against waterfall and stain resistant. It will prove a protected shield against bacteria, allergens and dust mites that are the main problem of allergy and asthma. It will give you a complete package of protective and hygienic environment. It is noiseless, crinkle free and rustle free. It is very easy to use and wash. The majority of the companies that offer the waterproof duvet protector have designed these items with the techniques that are based on modern methods. Use of spray and other durable material is used in its manufacturing for keeping it an efficient item in terms of hygiene. These are the efficient and active way to get rid of hassle and disturbance completely. No doubt it is the product that provide you complete relax after the hectic routine.

Terry Toweling Waterproof Mattress Protector Double

If you want your bedding for long-term use, it will require protection and safety. Terry toweling waterproof mattress protector double specially designed for double bedding. It will encase your Toweling  waterproof mattress like a fitted sheet and enhances the beauty of your bedding and room as well. It is made of soft cotton towel fabric. The fabric of the Toweling  mattress is very important for the life of the product. It gives the nourishment to the it and gives the relief to the users. The layer of water proof fabric enhances the efficiency of the item and enables it for better performance. The majority of the clients prefer these types of the protectors due to the amazing performance that extends the life of the Toweling waterproof mattress. It protects it from the stains and the effect of water if it spills over it.

Manufacture and texture:

It is made of cotton and polyester fabric. In some brands, it will only produce with 100% pure cotton that makes it soft and absorbent. Young people love to use soft bedding and this will be perfect for adult and kids due to its water repellent quality. Teen agers often eat their meal on Toweling waterproof mattress and fell away small particles of meal or fell water on mattress. If you have this terry toweling waterproof mattress protector protect your mattress from water absorbent and stains. It has the high quality of water absorbent due to its toweling texture. It will protect your mattress, prolong the life of Toweling mattress and enhance the beauty of your bedding as well. It is knitted with soft fabric and special machinery give it terry texture.


 It is available in different kinds and styles. It depends on the customer choice which one he like to purchase. It is in all sizes from single to king size mattress. It will cover your mattress not on the top but also on its side due to its deep. This terry toweling waterproof mattress protector double covers your double bedding into a protected shield. Owing to its water repellent and stain resistant quality, it brings evolution in the world. It is fitting on mattress is too good and did not rustle. You can easily use it and wash it in machine. You can purchase this special terry toweling waterproof mattress protector from the market or can book your order online. Many companies can make sure home delivery service for the convenience of customer.

Quilted Mattress Protector King

The Quilted mattress protector king provides you extra comfort; protect your mattress from spills and stains. It not only gives you soft bedding but also a gloomy style. It is hypoallergenic and soft padded that keeps you relax and warm. It is nicely stitch on all sides and encases your mattress tightly. It will never slip off your bed and remains your mattress dust free.

The Quilted mattress protector king is a quality product because of it’s highly softness and demanded all around the world. It is made of 100% cotton and polyester fiber that gives your mattress extra softness. Set it on your mattress and forget all the worries about spills and dust. It covers your mattress on all sides like a fitted sheet. It will tight through zipped or stretched elastic band. It is preference in industry due to its longer life and extra comfort.

It is available in different sizes as compared to your bed size. You can wash it in machine or may be clean dry. It gives your bed a luxurious and glamorous look. It is available in different ranges as the size of your mattress. The owners assured you its best quality and long lasting. Once you purchased, it will with you for many years.

The excellent thing about these products is that they give wings to the clients as per the original design and different look. These fashionable home products offer great comfort and convenience to customers. All the items carry the extreme elegance and glamour as per the requirement of the modern era.

It is the exclusive item which is very classy and of realistic approach. You will get a wide range of numerous products and extensive variety of distinctive colors. It will never go out of style and dependably be popular. You can simply use the trendy the Quilted mattress protector king and can do your routine work in a hot summer or in a chilly winter day effectively.

These covers provide you complete coverage and protection for you and your child. You can use it for your whole family in the cover as well. These covers are extremely classy, classic and perfect for your easy movements. You will find these mattresses very delicate and they are designed in the way that these are making your bond to your child firmly. Produced using the gentlest interlock and pullover cottons in shades and prints you will love, the Quilted mattress protector king that will keep their shape and last wash after wash.

Mattress Protector Double

Mattress protector double is designed for double bedding. It does not mean that available only for double bedding but is provided to you vast range of this mattress protector. It protects your mattress from allergens, pests and dust mites. There are waterproof mattress protectors also available that extend the life of your mattress and makes your bedding soft and comfortable, create glamour in your life as well. It has the high quality of water absorbent due to its toweling texture. It will protect your mattress, prolong the life of mattress and enhance the beauty of your bedding as well. It is knitted with soft fabric and special machinery gives it terry texture. It is available in different kinds and styles. It depends on the customer choice which one he like to purchase.

 Quality product:

 You find it as the best quality product in the world as compared to others. This mattress protector double not only protects your mattress but gives you a comfortable life as well. It is made of soft fabric; it may be cotton or polyester. Both these fabrics give you a comfortable environment dust free protection. Due to its softness and reliable quality, it is known as quality product in the world. The quality of the protector is very important for the safety reasons. These protectors are made up of sturdy material that is solid for many reasons. The solidity of the product makes it more durable and enhances the life of the item for the user. If you purchase once this protector you will feel the long lasting effect of it because it is designed especially to provide the protection to your mattress.


 You found variety in this protector. Some types of mattress protector double are as under:

  1. Anti-allergic mattress protector:

Anti allergic mattress protector are especially for allergic and asthma patients. It protects people from allergens, pests and dust mites. Doctors recommend it for protection.

  1. Bed bug proof mattress protector:

Three-layered protector fits deep into your mattress and work as barrier against bed bugs. It fully blocked the bed bugs to getting in and getting out.

  1. Waterproof and stain resistant protector:

This mattress protector is waterproof and stain resistant. It has the ability to absorb water on its top layer and protect your mattress. It will cover your mattress like a fitted sheet and did not slip over it. It is easy to use, having zips on its sides to ensure safety. It is easy to wash and dried.

Mattress Covers For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in mattress become headache for many people. It is the main issue how to remove bed bugs fro mattress. Bed bugs like to live in protected and hiding areas especially in the cracks and crevices and corners of room. It may be hiding in the mattress covers. During night, bed bugs come out from hiding places and suck the blood of recipient. If you did not control these bed bugs, you will seriously affected by these pests. The mattress covers for bed bugs are the ultimate solution of this issue.

For this purpose, bed bug proof mattress covers support you to protect from pesticides. These mattress covers for bed bugs give you the best quality protector now days. It is especially made of three-layered fabric that protects you from bed bugs, allergens and other dust mites. This fabric is micro porous and do not let the allergens into your mattress.

These are mattress covers for bed bugs anti allergens and anti-dust mite for your family. It is a full protective barrier and keeps you safe. It is zippered on all sides and fits into your mattress tightly. These are available in waterproof fabric also. This anti bed bug cover has the ability to water and stain repellent and prolongs the life of your mattress.  It is prove and recommended by doctors. It will work as a bed bug and dust mite blocker and helpful for those who has allergy and asthma problem. It is a complete package for you. This bed bug proof mattress cover will ensure you the best product in the world.

Along with its protection, it is durable product also. It is demanded in the whole world due to its protected shield and durability. Once you encased your mattress into this protection sheet, you will safe for many years. The bed bug covers are available in different size according to your mattress size. It is stain resistant and can wash in the machine.

The attractive designing along with new style make you compel to hold the item in your hands. The other aspect that makes it popular is the prompt and quick services that gives you immediate relaxed. These covers are displaying extensive quality at very reasonable rates to the customers. It is the main objective of designing these covers to provide the extreme relaxation and the peaceful sleep. The designs and style is sufficient to raises worth of it.

Bed bug mattress cover UK

The bed bug mattress cover UK is the demand and the need of today. Bed bug proof mattress covers originally branded in the UK. It is the perfect way to keep safe and healthy. Anti bed bug, covers specially created to keep you allergen free. It is durable and protect your mattress from allergens while keep your mattress clean and hygienic.

How bed bug proof mattresses protect you?

Anti bed bug, encasement is very helpful for those who have allergy and asthma. It will prove for you a medicated treatment and safe you. It is a high quality product made by UK for the convenient of people. It will tightly fit to your mattress like a fitted sheet that no bed bug enters into it. Suppose, if your mattress has bed bugs than this protected encasement will never come out them and they will die into it. The bed bugs breed on the human blood if it will not in touch with human body it will die. This bed bug proof mattress cover UK keeping from getting in and getting out from your mattress.

It is made of cotton and polyester fabrics and available in every size according to your mattress. If you keep away from these parasites, take this into your home. It satisfies you to keep you healthy and gives you a protection sheet around.

It is elasticated or zippered on sides that ensure your safety. It is machine wash and tumble to dry. You can easily purchase it from the market. Efficiency and prompt service is the effective tool of the cover. These are designed with the passion of consistency, comfort and relief. All these are available on net. These are highly beneficial for your extreme convenience. It supplies the real delight of the sleep, as well as peaceful dreams.

It is very important to save your body from the bites of the bed bugs because these are highly good for health. It prevents you from germs and the other types of insects. It provides your health protection and relief from the other germs. It is a splendid item that has an extreme good quality. These bed bug mattress cover UK are highly efficient consistent and the comfortable and technology is very unique kind. These are solid, durable and to great value in terms of showing best output. The designs and style is sufficient to raises worth of it.

Waterproof Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Waterproof bed bug mattress cover is a need of time especially in this running world where everyone is busy in his daily pursuits of life. No one has leisure time to care of his things. It is specially design for bed bugs, mites and allergens to take away from your mattress. It is a waterproof anti bed bugs cover that gives you a sleep comforts.  It is very useful for those who have asthma and allergy. It is a fitted sheet that covers your mattress on all six sides. If you are worried from these pests,  you can deliver this at your home.


It is 100% pure cotton and polyester made fabric.  It is hypoallergenic protector that safe you from biting of bed bugs and other allergens. It gives your room a modern and stylish look, makes your room charming. It is a zippered encasement on three sides to prevent it safe from pesticides. Easy to use and has a quilted and soft look.


The Waterproof bed bug mattress cover has ublimited benefits. Waterproof protective sheet covers your mattress on all sides. It is 100% water repellent mattress covers are easily available. If water falls on your mattress it will never soak it. Water remains on the upper layer, you can easily remove it. It prolongs your mattress life. It is highly in demand due to its waterproof quality these days. It is enclosed your bed from all sides tightly.

Easy to use:

The Waterproof bed bug mattress cover is easy to use and fits on your mattress easily. It has great qualities. You can wash it in your machine easily. However instructions are on its cover.


The quality of the Waterproof bed bug mattress cover is highly incredible. It is available in different sizes and textures. You can purchase it from the market or if you want a home delivery. The price of the mattress cover depends on the quality as well as the size of your mattress. It is affordable and available in many brands. Now get rid of these allergens and makes your life easy.

Before shopping:

Be assured that protective cover which you going to buy have these qualities:Check that protective cover fabric is bed bug proof and its fabric is bite proof.

Is it waterproof or not?

It should be vinyl protective because vinyl remains pests, mites and bacteria away from your mattress.

Percale Fitted Sheets

Percale means a fine cotton and polyester fabric that is highly used for making sheets and bed covers. Percale fitted sheets designed for softness and smooth effect. Once you dress up your mattress with this fitting sheet it will never move from its place. It gives a firm, cool and soothing effect to you.

Quality product:

Parcel Fitted Sheets have many qualities that increase its rate in the market. It is especially woven with 100% pure cotton and polyester fabric. It’s a machine wash and never shrink after washing. You can put on and put off it easily from your bed.

Parcel Fitted Sheets are available in different sizes. You can purchase double, single bedded sheets as you required for your room. There are king and queen beddings easily available. King and queen bed sheets have sets of 3 and 4 pieces. All pieces are available in its cover bag.

Variety of colors makes it luxurious. Dots printed bed sheets gives a charming effect to your room. It is a light weight pure cotton sheets. It gives a cool effect during nights when your body gets heat. It’s a soft and weave textured sheets gives you a smooth feeling. Pure cotton sheets are highly used in foreign countries because of its soft nature. Arab people love to use such beddings.

You can avail Parcel Fitted Sheets on different ranges and affordable prices. Make your rooms luxurious, stylish and charming with this. Your dreams will soon come true as you purchase it from the market.

These sheets can make it simple, easy and cost effective for the clients. These applications are very efficient and extremely simple to load and use even for your business or for your personal use. It is the truth that these are the epicenter of technology and innovation. These sheets render the program or application that is quite convenient, less complicated and very easy to understand. These are the true source of delight and amusement with extraordinary style. These are designed only for your convenience and comfort. These are not offering the quality only but these are producing revolutionary items for our valuable clients that arise the concept of having clean, healthy and fresh life style. These are offering the best and comfortable results. These are committed to deliver the perfect services. These precious are reliable, convenient, cheap and widely available. The important thing of these fascinating tastes is the efficiency and easy adjustment and availability of them.