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Common Reasons You’re Waking Up in the Middle of the Night

Waking up in the middle of the night is pretty common — and very annoying. Interrupted sleep can affect your memory and cognitive abilities, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) explains, not to mention making you grumpy as heck. So why might you be waking up in the middle of the night in the first place? Here are a few possible reasons. You’re overheated. Rachata Teyparsit/Shutterstock Your body temperature changes while you sleep. And according to the NSF, during REM sleep, your body actually [...]

International Pillow Fight Day Is April 7: How To Join The Battle

There’s something so freeing about a pillow fight. It brings back those carefree days of slumber parties and adolescent tomfoolery. No bills, no responsibilities; just full-on pillow warfare. For those of you anxious to reclaim the fun of your youth, we’ve got some great news for you. April 7 is International Pillow Fight Day. From Atlanta to Vienna,  the young at heart will get out that stored up aggression in one of the healthiest way possible: a good old pillow fight. What began [...]

Here’s Why Chronic Sleep Deprivation Is Linked To Car Crashes

It makes sense that you’re more likely to get in a car accident when you are tired. Sleepy drivers might struggle to keep their eyes open, miss turns or ignore traffic signs, react more slowly to sudden pedestrians, and have issues maintaining their speed. All of these things can cause crashes, which is why the National Sleep Foundation advises against drowsy driving. But something else to consider: Some people who are chronically sleep deprived don’t even realize how tired they [...]

Understanding Fill Power

When you’re shopping for a down comforter, you see many terms and numbers thrown around. One of the most confusing is “fill power.” What are the numbers associated with the fill power when it comes to bedding and what do they mean when it comes to your comfort?  Take a look at our guide to fill power. What Is Fill Power And How Is It Measured? Down creates warmth by trapping heat in its air pockets. The loftier the down, the more heat [...]

New Study On Infant Death Finds Unsafe Sleep Practices By Relatives, Babysitters, Others

Researchers from the Universtiy of Virginia studying Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) found that infants who died under the supervision of people other than their parents were more likely to be placed in unsafe sleep positions and environments not recommended by pediatric health and safety experts. The results, which were published in The Journal of Pediatrics, revealed that of the more than 10,000 infant deaths examined, just over 13 percent occurred when a parent was not present. Among that 13 percent, the study determined [...]

What Do Young Adults Think About Sleep?

If you believe the headlines, young adults and Millennials are ruining everything from golf to gold prices. But how do they feel about sleep? Technology company Royal Philips just released the findings from their annual sleep survey, where they asked over 15,000 adults in 13 countries (United States, the U.K., Germany, Poland, France, India, China, Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Japan) about their sleep habits. The survey showed that 77 percent of respondents tried to improve their sleep in some [...]

Are New Doctors Sleeping Enough? New Study Highlights Concerns

It’s important to be well-rested and alert at work — especially when your job involves decision-making, operating any kind of machinery, or being responsible for people’s health. That’s why a new study suggesting that new doctors might not be getting enough sleep is a bit worrying. For a paper published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, researchers studied 33 first-year medical residents (also known as interns) for eight months — two months before they started their residency, and for [...]

What’s The Deal With Free Running Sleep Disorder (FRD)?

Have you ever heard of a non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder, also known as Free Running Disorder (FRD)? Basically, it’s a rare sleep disorder caused by an issue with your circadian rhythms (circadian rhythms are essentially your internal “body clock,” telling you when it’s time to go to bed and wake up). According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), FRD “occurs when a person has a variable sleep-wake cycle that shifts later every day. It results most often when the [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Do Work In Your Bedroom

Doing work in your bedroom often sounds like a great idea. Reviewing files from your cozy bed or taking that early-morning conference call in your room may be a super appealing option — in fact, a market research company found that 80 percent of young people in New York City admitted to working from their bed on a consistent basis. But sleep experts say that working in your bedroom can mess with your sleep, and hurt your productivity. Keeping a [...]

Tips To Getting Your Comforter Fluffy Again

You lie down in bed after a long day, ready for a long and relaxing sleep. The lights are off and you’re ready to doze off. But there’s just one problem… Your comforter is flat. It can be very frustrating when your cloud of a comforter turns flat or lumpy. You aren’t getting the proper warmth and the whole sleeping experience is simply uncomfortable. How do you return your comforter to its former fluffy glory? First, always follow the care and cleaning instructions [...]