Luxury Poly Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Sets

The Plain Dyed Bedding is a new collection in AAF Textile range with a 180 thread count, the percale weave of this fabric with the  long staple yarn of Egyptian Cotton fibre give this simple bed linen a soft, smooth hand feel and a fresh  finish. Percale is a fine weave with a minimum of 180 threads per square inch, resulting in a softer, finer and more luxurious fabric.These Finest Egyptian Poly Cotton Percale duvet covers will make you extra comfort .These Poly Cotton Percale duvet cover is plain dyed in 8 colors and our colors are very bright to make you feel fresh.The duvet covers are packed  individually in a excellent form.Our Percale duvet covers are Easy care and will definitely provide you comfort and luxury.

AAF Textile  very Soft Poly cotton Dyed duvet covers are made from a blend of polyester and Egyptian cotton woven into a fine percale quality. With a 180 thread count, Our Poly Cotton Percale Duvet covers offer a  quality that is smooth, comfortable and highly durable for your daily use.

Our AAF Textile  Poly Cotton Percale Duvet covers need minimum  ironing due to their easy-care finish.

  • 50/50 Poly/Cotton
  • 180 thread count
  • Plain  
  • Machine Wash 40°C
  • Single Size 137 cm x 198 cm, Duvet Cover +1 Pillow 46 cm x 74 cm + 13 cm Flap
  • Double Size 198 cm x 198 cm, Duvet Cover +2 Pillow 46 cm x 74 cm + 13 cm Flap
  • King Size 229 cm x 218 cm, Duvet Cover +2 Pillow 46 cm x 74 cm + 13 cm Flap

Jersey Fitted Sheet

The jersey fitted sheet is the symbol of great comfort and soothing effect. It renders the drapes of beauty and makes the bedding extra classy and beautiful. The extraordinary range of the sheets is very easy to use and adjust on your bed as a perfect fit. No doubt these sheets are extra deep that is fit to the mattress for allowing the wonderful thickness. The beautiful jersey fitted sheet is available in the market in different sizes, colors and shapes including in super king size, double, king and single. There are several ranges of bedding items in the market with durable fabric that has great stuff. The supreme quality of the sheet is highly durable due to the woven and thread count. All these sheets are made up of sturdy material and are well known for the variety of tasks. It is fitted to your bed mattress and gives the impression of the flatness.

These sheets are the genuine origin of pleasure and delight with uncommon bedding style. These are meant to advance this productive and recreational activity for your great sound amusement. These beneficial recommendations are extremely powerful in giving a straightforward, secure and advantages. You can perform with more trust by having the deep sleep and the comfort.

These are designed with the extreme quality control and always produced high tech services to amuse the majority of the clients at maximum level. These are crafted with the idea to fulfill the desire of producing high level of comfort that should be different and unique. There is no effort require to improve the soothing effect of the item to explore the new world for amusing the large circle of the clients as well. These fascinating products are no doubt in great demand because they have many different but amusing effects. The jersey fitted sheet does not only strive for success but it works for the excellence as well as perfection.

The main benefit of the sheet is to protect against allergic bacteria. These bacteria are so small that cannot be seen with naked eye. These are designed to provide you a healthy life with no worries of germs. It is crafted in this way that air cannot pass from it easily. This bed covering are tightened with zips and lock pins. Secondly, when you come to your bed and sleep, you feel more fresh and active than before.

Extra Deep Fitted Sheets

Enjoy a deep sleep with the extra deep fitted sheets on your bed that makes it very feasible for you. It is the sign of comfort and convenience. It will pamper you with the extreme good quality of the finest fabric. These sheets provide you fabulous softness along with durability. It is made up of the 100% cotton that is popular for the extensive woven quality. It is available in high standards of the fabric that has incredible woven threads that have weave of 300 thread count. It is sure to offer the extraordinary soft feel and the delicate silky touch to your body. It is known for its high durability and the soothing touch of the soft stuff. It is crafted with the help of the cotton bedding range of finest yarn woven in 400 thread count. It is famous for the smooth and subtle touch with crisp finishing.

These extra deep fitted sheets are ranked top class and largest bedding range in cotton that is called a complete dedicated item these are enriched with the comfort and smoothness. There are several companies that offer a wide range of efficient extra deep fitted sheets at high quality standards. All these sheets are made up of sturdy material and are well known for the variety of tasks. It is fitted to your bed mattress and gives the impression of the flatness.

These sheets are manufactured for the purpose to offer an authentic coziness for all the clients and the consumers to set up and for their easy trouble shooting. All these sheets are easy to use and easy to adjust as per the relaxation. These are true source of saving your money and reduce your expenses to be more effective. These have quite efficient and durable material to produce a perfect relaxation for the clients. On the other hand these sheets are very special and expert as well. It is the guarantee that all these items execute best result and work at the ideal standard. All these sheets are designed to execute the best performance. These sheets are profoundly proficient, steady and sturdy with great material.  These are the items that offer such sort of things which has nothing as drawbacks. At the same time it is great in rendering agreeable results. These items can be called reliable and solid because of their effective and exact results. These can be tumble dried after the machine wash.

Next bed linen

Next bed linen provides you the opportunity to make your room beautiful. There is a variety of the latest brands in the world that keep you connected with the latest and luxury bedding accessories. All these brands offer you the best bed linen on wholesale prices. Style your room with the wide variety in Next bed linen that explore the latest bedding designs for your rooms.

Next bed linen is available in all fabrics as your desire and it is not costly. If you want to purchase these bed linen from next you can buy it online shops. It satisfies you by providing a number one quality product. Shop for your room and collect beautiful and stylish bed covers to decorate your room. It will provide you the protective bed covers against allergens and dust. You will find all kinds of bed linens on the websites as well as in the market. It guarantees you the fine fabric that will not slip off to your bed and keeps cooling effect. It offers you comfort and convenience, cotton and polyester made bed linen that is easy to care and wash.

The linen is available in different colors and styles. You will purchase bed linen in different sizes as your mattress size. It offers you the best and high quality product that is soft and durable. You will be satisfied around the year after use. The use of soft, delicate or loud colors is highly appreciated as per the modern style by the majority of the clients. The lightness and soothing effects of material is the cause of attraction. These are designed by the team that is always busy in searching and exploring new things. They consistently move on exploring, each and every side or corner of the globe to find the delicate and trendy featuring for the proficient bedding items in linen fabric.

The linen fabric is used to deliver comfort and convenience that can make your bedding attractive, modern and feasible as per your requirement. It is always introduced as per the current needs and for the new technology in terms of design and color schemes related to the trend. Do you want to decorate the room as per the comfort and style you want in your room? Sure it is designed in linen fabric to deliver the beauty at extreme level as per your activity such as for calming is blue, for relaxing yellow and stress free tone for your bed room.

Next bedding

Style your room with Next bedding that explore the latest bedding designs for your rooms. There are several brands that give you the quality product for room décor. You can get the variety of the bedding items along with all the bedding accessories that make your room latest and stylish. You can find the latest and stylish bedding accessories for glamorous rooms.

You can find the various products of bedding have all type of fabric material for indoor and outdoor activity. It includes bed linens, pillow covers, duvets, quilts covers, quilted bed sheets and variety of stylish curtains as well. It offers its client protected and reliable products. It has the quality fabric of different styles and textures. You can add beauty to your homes with all of these splendid materials. It will give you the fabric in good whilst that is not very costly and easily affordable.

The bedding items have revolutionized in the world of industry by giving the fine fabric for bedding décor. High quality fabric is not costly. Many people are looking for good and fine quality fabric. It is the best option for you to make attractive and wandering.  Its bedding accessories are available in cotton, polyester and wool fabric. It uses the high quality cotton that is 100% pure and soft. Polyester fabric will give you warmth affect in winter and keep your bedding protective. Next bedding provides you the anti allergy products also. By using them, you feel safer and comfortable. All its products are washable in machine for your convenience.

Are you looking for the modern designs and the versatility? Do you want to arrange a wonderful and comfy bedding for children room or want to give a new look to your bed room?  Are you quality conscious regarding bedding items and its design? The skilled designers of the present era are expert in rendering these exclusive items in an extreme modern way. The rich experience of designing the various bedding items of your home including bed rooms, cushions for living rooms and kids rooms in an extreme stylish way is the real proud. These are designed in the way that can make you amazed definitely. It is the known fact that users never compromise on quality either material including fabric or comfortable services.  The most significant feature of these items is the modern designs and eye-catchy colors that are used in extensive color schemes and planning.

Waterproof Duvet Protector

Life is the gift of God and it needs security and your little help can make someone happy and alive in this world. Complete rest and the peaceful sleep gives you comfort for the next day. Protect your mattress with this waterproof duvet protector. It is an ideal waterproof duvet protector for your duvets and quilts. It has the quality of water resistant and never wet your duvet. If you are looking for the best quality duvet protector, use waterproof duvet protector. It is the best way to keep your quilts and duvets clean and hygienic. The function of protector is very important to enhance the life of the mattresses because these are designed to provide the special security from the damages. The layer of protective material makes it more fabulous in order to efficiency. There is no doubt in the efficiency of these protectors because these are designed with solid material.

It is texture from cotton, or terry fabric. A high quality quilt cover protects you against bacteria and germs. Waterproof duvet protector not only protects your duvet from childbed wetting, but also keeps you healthy. It is made of such kind of fabric that is breathable and comfortable as well. It will keep your duvet stain free, can easily use for years.

This waterproof duvet protector highly demanded in the world due to its durability. It is tightly fitted to your duvet owing to its vast range of sizes. It encased your duvet into button lock waterproof duvet protector. It is in single, double and king size duvets. You can easily wash it in machine and cool tumble dry. This unique waterproof duvet protector protects against waterfall and stain resistant. It will prove a protected shield against bacteria, allergens and dust mites that are the main problem of allergy and asthma. It will give you a complete package of protective and hygienic environment. It is noiseless, crinkle free and rustle free. It is very easy to use and wash. The majority of the companies that offer the waterproof duvet protector have designed these items with the techniques that are based on modern methods. Use of spray and other durable material is used in its manufacturing for keeping it an efficient item in terms of hygiene. These are the efficient and active way to get rid of hassle and disturbance completely. No doubt it is the product that provide you complete relax after the hectic routine.

Terry Toweling Waterproof Mattress Protector Double

If you want your bedding for long-term use, it will require protection and safety. Terry toweling waterproof mattress protector double specially designed for double bedding. It will encase your Toweling  waterproof mattress like a fitted sheet and enhances the beauty of your bedding and room as well. It is made of soft cotton towel fabric. The fabric of the Toweling  mattress is very important for the life of the product. It gives the nourishment to the it and gives the relief to the users. The layer of water proof fabric enhances the efficiency of the item and enables it for better performance. The majority of the clients prefer these types of the protectors due to the amazing performance that extends the life of the Toweling waterproof mattress. It protects it from the stains and the effect of water if it spills over it.

Manufacture and texture:

It is made of cotton and polyester fabric. In some brands, it will only produce with 100% pure cotton that makes it soft and absorbent. Young people love to use soft bedding and this will be perfect for adult and kids due to its water repellent quality. Teen agers often eat their meal on Toweling waterproof mattress and fell away small particles of meal or fell water on mattress. If you have this terry toweling waterproof mattress protector protect your mattress from water absorbent and stains. It has the high quality of water absorbent due to its toweling texture. It will protect your mattress, prolong the life of Toweling mattress and enhance the beauty of your bedding as well. It is knitted with soft fabric and special machinery give it terry texture.


 It is available in different kinds and styles. It depends on the customer choice which one he like to purchase. It is in all sizes from single to king size mattress. It will cover your mattress not on the top but also on its side due to its deep. This terry toweling waterproof mattress protector double covers your double bedding into a protected shield. Owing to its water repellent and stain resistant quality, it brings evolution in the world. It is fitting on mattress is too good and did not rustle. You can easily use it and wash it in machine. You can purchase this special terry toweling waterproof mattress protector from the market or can book your order online. Many companies can make sure home delivery service for the convenience of customer.

Silentnight Quilted Mattress Protector

Add one more layer of luxury and coziness with the help of the Silentnight quilted mattress protector. These are very convenient in use and very easy to adjust. You will find these protectors very delicate and they are designed in the way that these are making your bond to your family by providing them comfort in the form of the mattress protector. These are the items that are highly splendid that gives an incredible blessing. With colors or prints that are intended to blend and match, you’ll cherish that it is so natural to get her dressed and make the comfy item for each of the family member.

The designers of the Silentnight quilted mattress protector focuses on the perception to satisfy the customers and to provide them extreme comfort and convenience. All these products are comfy, durable and modern. These are offering wonderful and expert services for the esteemed clients. They know that they are having a great worth to them and they prefer to satisfy them.

It is showing a great execution of style in wide variety of Silentnight quilted mattress protector. These are very effective for using in different style and places. The designers are expert in growing the diversity of style as well. These are the symbol of comfort, and convenience. It will extend the life of the mattress by protecting them. It saves it from the stains and the damages of water.

The creative designers are designed the splendid products for making the strong relationship with the customers. They know the way to satisfy you. The real and original designs are the road to your heart and in this way we achieve your trust in it and in the organization. No doubt designers are making the Silentnight quilted mattress protector. These are having good quality and good designs. These are highly durable and comfortable in terms of fitting your mattress. It is the fact that these are empowering through your support and this support is the reason of our custom growth. These are full of style and quality. The splendid product has covered the distance of west to east. The journey from west to east is very beautiful and unforgettable. This memorable journey is the result of the popularity and appreciation that it has attained from you. It sets standards of quality and manufacturing the best quality products according to the demand of the clients.

Silent Night Waterproof Mattress Protector

There are many suppliers that are passionate to supply the advanced silent night waterproof mattress protector that is designed in the way that is full of style and class. The productive designers design the items that are highly suitable for the majority of the clients. The great quality of the product is that these are waterproof that helps to improve the quality of it. These are based on modernism and fashion these services are built on the amazing and innovative tradition. The real mission of designing is to offer great benefit of comfort and convenience to our reliable clients at extreme levels.

These are accomplished with the experts of fashion who are extremely recreational and productive. They are passionate to design special clothing only for you. These products are developed with stylish and classy designs. The clients deserve the exceptional customer dealing. The aim is to provide you the items that are entirely full of class. You will achieve the looks that enable you to grab the attention of crowd. If you are searching an item that is remarkable and outstanding then silent night waterproof mattress protector is highly beneficial.

These are the crafted with the material of the good quality. These are the excellent silent night waterproof mattress protector that gives the extreme comfort and the protection. These are made up of sturdy material and are in great demand. There is no limit of ordering the products; you can upload as much as you can mean unlimited time. It allows you to get unlimited items in the modern online method. These are measured as the most efficient and affordable items which is available at dynamic service.

You will get a wide range of numerous styles of protectors and extensive variety of distinctive colors. It will never go out of style and dependably be popular. You can simply put on the beautiful protector and can do your routine work in a hot summer or in a chilly winter day effectively. The silent night waterproof mattress protector will encourage you out to beat the summer and in addition winter effectively and there will be no obstacles of sun when you are occupied in your work while using these protectors. These are intended for the comfort and providing you a stimulating feel. All these items are dashing and dynamic and also as indicated by the style and design of the present age. These amazing and beautiful items are doing marvelous for the clients, men and children style.

Quilted Mattress Protector Single

The Quilted mattress protector single provides you comfort and luxury. It is for single beds, easy in use. It is extremely convenient to provide you extra comfort and style. It is highly in demand due to its soft and durability. It will prolong the life of your mattress.

It is cotton and polyester made that gives you softness and relaxation. It will keep your body warmth during night sleep. This mattress protector gives you excellent comfort and allergy protection due to its top layer. It will keep you safe from mites and dust. If you wish to protect your mattress, free from stains and dust, bring it to your home for safety and style.

Quilted mattress protector single will fits on all single mattresses like a fitted sheet. You can remove it on your mattress very easily. Many kinds of mattress protectors are available in the market. It possesses the quality of waterproof and allergy protector barrier. You can remove stains from it. In fact, it extends the life of your mattress. It is specially designed to add depth and softness of your mattress. These mattress protectors are available in different sizes and brands. It is available in double, single and king sizes. Some brands manufacture pillow and duvets protectors. It is durable and soft quality product, easily washable in machine.

It is the most overwhelming creation for the ongoing winter season. The Quilted mattress protector single is a range of formal, majestic and stunning designs. The team of expert designers brought the core design philosophy of the company to provide the modern users a sophisticated expression. This collection includes warm, stylish printed and dyed majestic prints which will bring a feel of royalty in your life style. These are available on internet through the websites that have offered this synthetic collection in a stylish and a fashionable way. It will really surprise you with its elegant simplicity, its admired pattern and incredible composition will make you feel special in the crowd of other users.

The calming and delicate impact of stuff is exceptionally cool. Lively shade blend and advanced style improves the general fabric quality and feel. Assortment of different features in an item is suitable for the style and design. It touches the hearts and catches the brains. In this dazzling collection the each design has great variations from each other. These outlines are amazing and give a different look to the users.