Anti Allergy Duvet Protector Set Single


Anti Allergy Duvet Protector Set Single

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Anti Allergy Duvet Protector Set ,One Duvet Protector 54x78Inches and One Pillow Protector 19x29Inches,Anti Dust Mite and Bed bug proof ,


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Anti Allergy Duvet Protector Set, is made of One anti allergy duvet protector and one anti allergy pillow protector.

These are used to keep the duvet and pillow safe from


Dust Mite


Per dander

They help cure respiratory diseases and  asthma, by becoming a barrier between your body and the allergens, thus cutting the source of food to the allergens and bacteria, and eventually eliminating them

Our body sheds about half a liter of water everyday, and dead skin cells,these cells are feed for Bed Bugs Dust Mites and other allergens and bacteria, now the Anti Allergy Duvet Protector blocks the access of the skin shed cells to the allergens, this the foods source is eliminated and it eventually kills them.

The Anti Allergy Duvet Protector Set is breathable , light weight, easy to handle , washable.It has zipper on the shorter side, and it makes the installation very easy.

Strong Zipper

The problem with such protectors are ,that  the zipper broke or out of order after a couple of months, so Aaf Textiles being the manufacturer of the order has done innovation, and using a super strong zipper which is long life and does not break either .

Anti locking Slider

The product is made with Anti Locking Slider, which means that this slider will lock automatically and does not open on it’s own so that does not allow the allergens to  enter or escape.

Anti Slip

The Anti Allergy Duvet Protectors are anti slip and non noisy and they are water resistant.


Anti Allergy Duvet protector sets are hypoallergenic, they stop sneezing, itchy feelings.The pillow protectors are of the same quality as well of Anti allergy Duvet protector.

Anti allergy Pillow protectors are more popular than Anti Allergy Duvet protectors.


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