4ft Mattress Protector

Add beauty and comfort in your life with mattress protector that is 4ft deep into mattress. This 4ft mattress protector gives you a healthy environment while sleeping. It is 4ft deep to your mattress and has waterproof layer on its top that prolongs its life. It surely made of quality material that is cotton and polyester. Polyester makes it soft and maintains its warmth. It keeps you warm and cozy after the long day.

Long-term use:

It is specially designed to give you complete protection and hygienic for your health. It is said that health has no cost because it is itself a wealth. It is long lasting and washable product. It keeps your mattress soft due to its extra top layer. The 4ft mattress protector is in different shapes and sizes. There are quilted mattress, waterproof protector and in many textures. It is soft hand feel and helps you to protect from allergy and dust. It is elasticated on all sides to fit on your mattress. It satisfies the client due to its comfort and durability. It is hygienic product for your family and keeps you away from allergens and dust mites. Owing to its tightness, it will never slip off to your mattress. You can purchase double or single 4ft deep mattress protector. It is washable in machine at 4c.

Easily available:

It is easily available in the market. It has different shapes and size. Its size varies according to your mattress. It will be perfect choice for you and your family. Before shopping, ensure that you are purchasing the correct one. Due to its 4ft deep layer, it protects your mattress from water and stains. If waterfalls, its top layer has the ability to absorb it quickly and your mattress remain clean and dry. So gloom your home and lives with this 4ft mattress protector.


It is made up of the cotton and polyester. Both materials are very comfortable and known for its convenience. Cotton is famous for the soft and soothing effect of the fabric. The cool impression of the cotton fabric makes it more fabulous and demanding. It can be your first choice due to the durability. Polyester makes it more demanding and durable. There is no comparison of its solidity. It enhances the life of your mattress and gives you relaxed bedding. Enjoy a sweet dream while having this protector that provides you great relief from the physical tiredness.

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